Dr. Michael Privett

Pastor of Summit View Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

Dr. Michael R. Privett was reared in a Christian home outside Washington, D.C., and trusted Christ as his Savior as a young teen. While studying to be a math teacher, Michael sensed God’s call into the Gospel ministry. He completed his master of divinity degree at Bob Jones University in 1989 while serving as an assistant pastor at Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville, SC.

In 1990 as a Gospel Fellowship Association church planter, Michael and his wife Sheri established Faith Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Virginia. In 2000 he completed a doctor of ministry degree with a dissertation dealing with the mission of the local church. While serving as senior pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Michael started a daughter church, served on two church-planting mission boards, visited many mission fields, published a book, and trained national pastors in the U.S., Brazil, and Asia.

From 2011 to 2019, Michael served as Director of Church Planting & Development at GFA. Sheri and Michael enjoyed encouraging pastors and edifying local churches as they traveled and ministered all over the world.

Then in 2019, the Privetts returned to the local church pastorate and began to serve as hybrid missionaries. Pastor Mike shepherds the Summit View Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, while also serving as Executive Director of an U.S.-based missions agency committed to training national preachers (2 Timothy 2:2). Contact him for more information.

Due to the Privetts’ heart for missions, Michael and Sheri are seeking monthly prayer and financial support to continue to travel to Asia four to six times each year to train national leaders, encourage local churches, and assist church plants. They are occasionally available to conduct U.S. local church Bible conferences on topics such as the family, finances, the will of God, the local church, and missions. Sheri adds the unique ministry of piano and vocal music as well as practical Bible studies for women.

The Lord has blessed the Privetts with three adult children: Joshua, Joy, and Jenna.

Sheri Privett

Sheri graduated from Bob Jones University with a bachelor’s degree in music education as well as the College of William and Mary with a master’s degree in elementary education. She uses her love of music to train adults and young people to use their musical gifts for God’s glory. She home-educated her children for 19 years and taught God’s Word to teens and ladies all over the world. Sheri continues to regularly minister musically and speak in ladies’ meetings and retreats.

Mike’s Book

After years of observation, I have concluded that so many local churches function without regard to their God-given, biblical mission and objectives because of their unclear mission, their unbiblical targets, or their unbalanced objectives…